Helping You to Set the Standard for Dementia Care

The Alzheimer’s Institute specializes in training caregivers to make the most of their time with Alzheimer patients and their families. By focusing on priorities in organization and proven techniques of dementia-sensitive communication, you can achieve a positive, enjoyable, and efficient home and clinical atmosphere.  Because of our ability to develop strategies of lasting change for virtually any situation, regardless of the circumstances, the Alzheimer’s Institute is sought after by organizations that have attained admirable performance, as well as those that are seriously challenged. We will travel to your facility, agency, or home to assess, design and implement the best plan for your circumstances, resources and outcomes. As individualized as each program is, we will always seek to incorporate the following goals:

For Organizations:

  • A more productive and cohesive work team whose relationships are centered in trust, healthy communication, and professionalism.
  • Defining a balance between personal and professional life in a field that requires good health, habits, and judgment.
  • Revolutionary staff education tools that will enable them to consistently perform with understanding and enthusiasm.
  • Improvement or development of consistent processes.
  • Renewed passion for the critical role your organization plays in the lives of patients and their families.


Would you like a powerful, interactive, and motivational event for a team meeting? In a 3-hour workshop you can discover how to improve daily interaction. Jo is an exceptionally enlivening speaker, able to customize her teaching to benefit staff, families, or a combination of both. Her workshop encourages participants to learn firsthand the tools and skills necessary to achieve dramatic results.

On-Site Consulting: 

Do you need an in-house professional or on call consultative training program for both new as well as experienced employees? Professional caregivers must have access to find ways of educating new and current staff to take ownership and work effectively with persons with dementia. On-site consulting is a dynamic opportunity for you and your staff members to review your goals and enhance personal and organizational performance. Click here to schedule Time With Jo.